Is your mill portable?

  • No my mill is not portable. Most customers haul their logs to us on a trailer, but if you don’t have the ability to move / haul logs we may be able to assist you.

What size log can you cut?

  • We can cut logs up to 17 feet long, and 36 inch in diameter, but since most logs are not perfect cylinders some trimming may have to be done to get them cut.
  • We can also cut small logs or unique pieces. We have cut customers pieces as small as 1 ft long, and 6 inch in diameter.

How much do you charge?

  • We charge $70 per hour plus $15 for each blade used, this covers the cost to have the blade sharpened, or $30 per blade if we hit any foreign material such as metal, concrete, bullets, etc (we have hit it all), this covers the cost of a new blade. We charge an additional $10 per hour if we have a second person helping with off-loading and stacking your wood.

How long will it take to cut my logs?

  • This depends on many factors including the size of the log, time of the year, and what you want it cut into. Cutting logs into slabs goes very quickly, but cutting a log into small boards obviously takes longer.

Is your wood kiln dried? Do you offer Kiln drying as a service?

  • We air dry all of our wood before it is put into our Solar kiln to finish drying. While this is a slower process then larger sawmills use we believe we maintain more of the woods natural color and beauty.
  • We do not offer custom drying or customer lumber at this time.